Some things to consider and provide when applying for DOD Nonappropriated Fund
positions with the MWR and BH Department(s) within the Region


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What to File ®

The Optional Application for Federal Employment, Form OF-612, or any other written format, including Form SF-171 ®

If you submit a Resume – please include the following in order to determine eligibility and/or qualifications, please include dates of employment, hours, detailed description of duties and responsibilities, salary, and education.

Where to submit forms ® Where to obtain forms ¯

Bldg 685N out towards Bayou Grande Marina

Mailing Address:

Morale, Welfare & Recreation Dept
Code 31000, NAF Personnel Office
190 Radford Boulevard
Pensacola, FL 32508-5217 ®

For questions:

Tele# (850) 452-4261
DSN 922-4261
Fax# (850) 452-9135
DSN Fax# 922-9135

Did you receive a:


from Federal Civil Service? On

30 March 1994, the President signed into law, the Federal Workforce Restructuring Act (FWRA) of 1994 (PL 103-226), which authorized government-wide Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay (VSIP) programs (buyouts) to employees who agree to resign or retire from government service. The following information provides guidance on the provisions which impact DOD:®

1. If a DOD incentive taker is seeking re-employment within the Department of the Navy (DON) and separated before 30 March 1994, they have already completed the 12 month requirement whereby all incentive pay must be repaid to the activity, if re-employed.®

2. If a DOD incentive taker is seeking re-employment within the DON and separated

after 30 March 1994, he/she must repay the incentive in full if they are rehired within 5 years of separation. This repayment includes any moneys paid by the activity for the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), Social Security Benefit, Medicare, etc.

What type of Hiring Preference are you seeking?

If you are requesting

Military Spouse Preference ®

1. Complete form provided by the NAF Personnel Office – used by applicants who are requesting spousal preference. This is a one time hiring preference for Federal DOD NAF employees. Your preference ends when you accept a job with the Federal government regardless of whether you requested preference or not. ®

2. Attach a copy of your spouse’s PCS orders verifying your move to this area to the completed form and attach to the application for employment

Note: You may not qualify for spousal preference with this PCS move, if your marriage took place after the time of PCS. If this applies, then you will need to provide a copy of the marriage license in order to determine eligibility.

If you are requesting

Veteran’s Preference ®

Recently retired military members are required to wait 180 days before employable. Active duty military working for NAF who are consider-ing retirement must have been hired by NAF 90 days prior to retirement w/the Armed Forces. Employment may continue, but you may not be promoted or changed for 180 days.

Veteran’s preference expanded to those who served on active duty in the military between

02 Aug 1990 and 02 Jan 1992.

1. Mark box 15 on OF-612 as "Yes" and attach a copy of your DD-214, to the application for employment.

This verifies your separation and/or retirement. This is a one time hiring preference. ®

2. Veteran’s with a disability, attach your letter from the VA and SF-15 (date on letter should be within one year of current date).

3. For widow/widower, mother or spouses of 100% disabled veterans, asking for preference, please provide copy of death cert, DD-214, VA letter, SF-15, etc.

If you are requesting

Transition Hiring Preference ®

1. If you are an involuntarily separated member of the U.S. Armed Forces, you and your family member(s) are eligible for a one time hiring preference. ®

2. Complete form provided by the NAF Personnel Office – used by applicants who are requesting TA preference, and attach a copy of your DD-214 to the application.

Vacancy Announcements ®

Advertising Time Frames


Find us on the internet @

Click on NAS Pensacola then Jobs Info for a list of jobs.
US Jobs -

Note: Merit Promotion Vacancies are not listed on the webpage. Can review at NAF Personnel, Bldg 74.


Opening Date – first day you can submit an application ®

Closing Date

1. Some announcements have a specific closing date. Your application must be submitted on/or before the specific closing date.

2. Some announcements have an open until filled date. This means that after the end of the fifth calendar day, the position may be filled.

3. Some announcements have an open continuous date. This means that there is a high attrition for that particular position and vacancies will be filled by management as needed. This may be subject to daily changes.

Note: If your application is received after the closing date in #1, or after the filled by date in #2, your application will not be considered for the vacancy.

For the vacancies filled by management as needed in #3, your application will be referred as vacancies occur. This could take

1 day or 30 days.

What else should I know?

If you turn your application in on Tuesday, you will not be hired and ready to go to work on Wednesday. It usually takes a few weeks to process all the necessary paperwork.