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Got A Car That Needs A Tune-Up?
tired car giving up the ghost

The NASP Regional Auto Skills Center is located on board Corry Station, 3 miles north of the NASP Main Gate on New Warringtong Rd. Turn at the Comfort Inn on to Chief's Way, pass through the front gate and you will find the Auto Skills Center at Bldg. 1006, to the right. It is a well equipped, modern facility staffed with knowledgeable attendants who are prepared to provide patrons with technical guidance and assistance whether for a tune up or a major engine overhaul.

Tue-Sat * 11 am - 7 pm
Closed Sun, Mon & Holidays


     Scroll down for Autorama Lot

There are 13 work bays, 8 automotive lifts, 2 motorcycle lifts, hydraulic presses, floor jacks, transmission jacks, tire machines, a tire balancers, brake lathes, a glass bead blasting cabinet, computer code readers, a hydraulic press, drill press, strut compressor, valve machine, steam cleaner, engine hoist, engine stands, solvent tanks, battery chargers, torque wrenches, timing lights, pneumatic tools, air conditioning tools, various special tools and electronic testing equipment. We also provide a wide selection of standard and metric hand tools and numerous specialty hand tools.

The Auto Hobby Shop is also equipped with one of the most advanced computerized automotive technical libraries available on DVD disk. The full Mitchell-On-Demand library is on line with a work station available to authorized customers. It provides the patron with the ability to research information on just about every car, truck, or van sold in the USA since 1975. A search of Mitchell-on-Demand can save hours of unnecessary work. In addition to technical advice, the attendants provide service to customers by mounting tires on wheels, balancing tires, turning brake drums and rotors, as well as, performing engine diagnostic testing.

Don't be shy - give us a try! The money you save and the satisfaction of learning to do it yourself is priceless. And we'll give you coupons to get you started! Click here.

                                        Maybe It Just Needs Cleaning?
Our Car Wash facilities could be just the ticket... coin operated rinse, wash, wax and vacuum any day of the week at any time! The NASP 4-bay Car Wash is located just west of the Portside Theatre adjacent to Building 607 on Saufley St. It features vacuum cleaner stations and bill changing machine. The 2 bay Car Wash at Corry has vacuum stations, fragrance vending, shampoo machines and bill changer operations.

autorama lot

blue bar  Got A Vehicle, Camper or Boat to Sell? blue bar
Park it and sell (or store) it on our
AutoRama Sale Lot
Located on the left of the entrance road to the NEX and
Commisary Shopping Mall off Highway 98.
Fifteen days on our lot for only $20
Thirty days for $30


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